Some people’s prerogative for dating is “Why not? Go out! If you don’t hit it off, at least you get a free meal out of it!” But this was SO not the case.




Lucy Brown, 38, from London, tried her hand at Plenty of Fish after her three year relationship ended during Christmas. She met up with a guy from the site, went out to a pub, and while she had a good time, she didn’t want to go out on a second date. Standard dating stuff, right? HA, APPARENTLY NOT. This guy got in touch with Lucy, claimed he was ‘devastated’ and asked for a ‘contribution for the drinks I spent on you’.




“I am a bit surprised – how can he be so devastated about just one date?” Lucky told The Daily Mail. “I only ended up with his watch because we were both messing around and he was wearing my hat, so in return he gave me it to wear. When we both went to say goodbye we both forgot I still had his watch on. I decided to pay him the £42.50 back for my share of the cost, but I also donated the same amount to a donkey sanctuary.  I saw a post on Facebook about them and I think they are such a lovely charity and they post really funny pictures.”




She continued, “When I got the text, I was crying with laughter – I honestly thought he was joking. But then I realized he was serious. Everyone in my office has been snorting and crying with laughter at the text too.”

So, obviously, Lucy just HAD to write back…



“He has since messaged back and he put ‘I feel like the donkey sanctuary has come out better from this situation.’ I just text him back saying ‘eeyore'”.


This guy’s got a point.

At least someone’s happy.



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