Kingston Mills Update

Parks Canada says work on rehabilitation and replacement of the Kingston Mills Swing and Fixed Bridges is progressing well and is on schedule.

It says the work will finish in advance of the opening of the 2017 navigation season on Victoria Day weekend.

Work on the fixed bridge is nearly complete…all it needs is asphalt, curbs and guardrails.

The swing bridge rehabilitation is also progressing on schedule. The new steel bridge deck will be installed next month and other work will be completed on schedule.

Crash – John F. Scott Road

Kingston Police have released details about a crash on John F. Scott Road on Monday.

Police say a black Jeep intentionally rammed another vehicle and crashed.  A man and woman took off from the vehicle.  They were found hiding in an office after a search by a police dog.  Another man was arrested walking on John F. Scott Road.  Police say he was carrying a handgun and brass knuckles.

A 23-year-old man, a 33-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man face a variety of charges.

Kingston – Prison Lockdown

The medium security unit at Collins Bay Institution has been locked down and an exceptional search is underway.

Inmates in the unit were locked in their cells around 6:30 Monday night.

The correctional service says the search was ordered to ensure the safety and security of the institution, its staff and inmates.  Visits have been suspended until the search is completed.

Political Breakfast

Kingston’s business leaders were getting a political update this morning at a Kingston Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

Mayor Brian Paterson, MPP Sophie Kiwala and MP Mark Gerretsen have been asked to provide the session with details on how their levels of government are contributing to economic development in Kingston.

Jennifer Baker of Jennifer Baker Consulting will also be sworn in as the 2017 Chamber Board Chair during the breakfast.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an ongoing problem in Kingston – police deal with it almost every day…if not multiple times a day.  It’s often fuelled by alcohol and drug use…in this case…a man was hit with a broomstick after a dispute over his common laws drug use.  A 31 year old woman has been charged with assault and assault with a weapon.

In another case this week….a 40 year old man and a 35 year old woman have both been charged with assault.

Police say the common-law couple had been arguing for a day and got into a physical confrontation with kicking, punching and pushing while children were present.

Flag Day

It is the 52nd anniversary of Canada’s Maple Leaf flag today.

The first red and white Maple Leaf was unfurled Feb 15, 1965.

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia…the major player in the design was George Stanley, dean of arts at the Royal Military College in Kingston. He fashioned it on RMC’s flag.

Brockville MP John Matheson modified Stanley’s drawings and the red and white maple leaf flag was born.

Stanley’s daughter…Della Stanley will speak at Bath Public School today.

The Limestone Learning Foundation has donated $10,000 and Canadian flags have been installed in every classroom of schools in the Limestone District School Board.  A recognition ceremony is being held at the school in Bath.

Today is also the 21st anniversary of “The Shawinigan Handshake”.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien was wandering through the crowd at a Flag Day ceremony in Hull, Quebec when he was confronted by protester Bill Clennett. Chretien grabbed him by the throat and pushed him into the arms of police officers. It was dubbed “The Shawinigan Handshake” in honour of Chretien’s hometown.

Ride Sharing Advice

Kingston Police are advising people about safety when it comes to hiring a ride-sharing service like Uber.

A young woman in Kingston was sexually assaulted by a man claiming to be her driver on February 11th.  Police say the man was not associated with any ride-sharing service.

Police issued a news release yesterday with a variety of advice.  Police say you should be provided with the drivers name, photo and license plate number so you know exactly who is picking you up.

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