Adam Wylde

Weekdays 5p-7p

YouTube Hits

Saturday 9am, Sunday 9pm
We’ve teamed up with YouTube for a weekly run-down of the hottest music, trends, and topics in entertainment, fashion, gaming, and music!

HitStorm Top 22 Countdown

Saturday 6pm, Sunday 7pm
Your weekly countdown of the top 22 hit songs in the country hosted by Trevor Shand!

DJ Little Fever

Fridays 8am & 5pm
Catch the Friday Mix with DJ Little Fever every Friday at 8:00am and 5:00pm

Set It Off with Mocha & DJ Clymaxxx

Saturdays 8pm -10 pm
Every Saturday night starting at 8pm, we Set It Off with the pre-party to your party on the radio! Set It Off is hosted by the 2 time Stylus Award Winning Mix show DJs of the year, Mocha & DJ Clymaxxx, and features 2 hours of the hottest hits and club anthems mixed and remixed!

The After Party with DJ Mike Tomas & DJ NoLuv

Starting this Saturday June 10th, KiSS 102.7 is bringing you more hit music, in the mix, to keep your night going! When the sun goes down, our volume goes up! The After Party with DJ Mike Tomas & DJ NoLuv…every Saturday night from 10pm-Midnight!