For those of you wondering what a $50 million dollar house looks like, look no further!!!

A mansion – in Vancouver’s luxurious neighbourhood of Point Grey – recently owned by Don Mattrick,  CEO of social gaming company Zynga AND a former Microsoft exec, has sold for a whopping $51.8 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!




The house takes up 1.9 hectares – that’s over 2 FOOTBALL FIELDS! Facing the ocean, it includes a TEN-car underground garage (because that’s necessary…), an indoor pool, a movie theatre, tennis court AND of course waterfalls!






The mansion has now been bought by businessman Mr. Mailin Chen. He says, “I love Vancouver. It’s a very beautiful city. They have the best education for kids.”


If YOU had $50 million dollars to blow, what would you spend it on???



(Images via geralt, whathappensinadops, Vancouver Luxury Real Estate )