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The best thing ever which involves A RESCUE PUPPY!!! Except the woman who ALSO wanted the puppy doesn’t think so.

The beautiful James Van Der Beek just got a little more beautiful. After seeing an ADORABLE Chihuahua mix rescue puppy at a charity event (called Woofstock… WOOFSTOCK!!! SO cute!), he decided he wanted to adopt him. But there’s MORE.




Another woman Kristin Halvorsen, ALSO fell in love with the little pup, so when they BOTH showed up at the shelter to get him, they were shocked to see someone else who wanted the same furry friend. What happened was, the shelters policy says when two people want the same animal, they go through a bidding war.




So they both wrote down their bid, Kristin’s being $300, Van Der Beeks being… Well, probably WAY more that $300. She told TMZ, she burst into tears, but then she took a picture with James and his kids. Hmmm.. I guess she can’t be that mad!!! And the doggy has a home!!! YAY!









(Photos via SAO)