St. Patrick’s Day – Kingston

A major party on Aberdeen Street and some other noisy parties kept Kingston Police busy – but they say there were no major problems on St. Patrick’s Day.
Police say they had four people recovering from the celebrations in their cells this morning.
A crowd estimated at over a thousand people partied on Aberdeen Street yesterday afternoon and there were large gatherings at some of the other student houses in the ghetto area.
Several people were charged for drinking in public.

Multi-Vehicle Crash Closes 401

A crash involving about 50 vehicles closed the 401 in both directions at Trenton early today.
The chain reaction crash happened shortly after midnight during whiteout conditions.
Four people were taken to hospital with minor injuries and 52 people were taken by bus to a hotel in Trenton.
One westbound lane of the 401 was opened to traffic around 5am.

School Board – Security Breach

There’s been a major security breach at the Limestone District School Board.
A computer file containing the personal and banking information of nearly 10 thousand current and former employees was accessible on the school boards computer system.
The security breach was discovered by a high school student.
The board doesn’t believe the information was stolen by criminals but is advising employees to keep an eye on their bank accounts.  The Limestone Board says it is investigating.
It says the information was mistakenly placed in a file that could be accessed by anyone using its internal computer system – a system available at all of its schools and offices.

Access Taxi

Kingston is getting another accessible taxi.
The new taxi is the third one to go into operation in Kingston.
City council committed 60 thousand dollars in forgivable loans to get the three taxis on the street.
The van will have an Amey’s top light and officially goes into operating tomorrow.

Health Centre – Napanee

The new home of the Napanee Area Community Health Centre will be the old location of the No Frills on Dundas Street West.
The old grocery store is being demolished to make way for a new building that will house the Community Health Centre in Napanee.
The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care is providing $6 million for the new building.
A kick-off celebration for the project will take place next Tuesday.

T.I. Bridge Delays

Work on construction of a new Canadian Border Services point of entry into the U-S at the Thousand Islands crossing could cause delays for people returning to Canada from the U-S.
Blasting is taking place and the border crossing was closed for half an hour earlier this week…but the good news is that the blasting work will not take place on the weekends and is only being done during the morning on weekdays.