The ladies dropped their latest album “7/27” back in May and have seen tremendous success with singles such as “Work From Home” (featuring Ty Dolla $ign) and “All In My Head (Flex)” (featuring Fetty Wap).

Well, on Friday, they unveiled a bonus track on Napster (I had NOOOO idea it was still a thing!) called ‘Voicemail’!

An astute fan pointed out that Camila actually sung part of ‘Voicemail’ in a recent interview.

Speaking about the album, Normani said the album is “more pop, R&B with a bit of soul with reggae, including exciting island vibes. This time, we are more involved and we don’t want just hits, we want to create a body of work.”


She added, “It’s always pretty tricky, because we do consider ourselves to be models for the younger generation. That’s how we came into this as well, because I know that all of us look up to our idols, and we know that there are little girls and parents out there that look to us to guide them, in some type of way.”


“We’re also people and growing women that are trying to find ourselves. We started this when we were 15, 16 and 19 years old. Now we’re 20, 18 and about to be 23. I think that there’s been a lot of growth throughout those years, and I think that it’s normal for us to try to find ourselves.”


What do you think of this new song, ‘Voicemail’ from Fifth Harmony?

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