Anybody from Toronto knows that you can see some STUFF on the TTC on any given day. Keeping your head in your phone and avoiding eye contact is recommended action when you’re riding the rocket.

But today, a woman saw a man with his feet up on one of the seats, and she was NOT happy.






The video begins with the man yelling at the woman to “GET OFF ME,” which is fair to say to someone who has just sat on your feet. The interaction in the video goes on for about 60 seconds as the two trade insults back and forth. The man then pushes the woman off and puts his feet back on the seat. The woman then walks off camera. Watch it below:



According to the person who posted the video, Jay Shylo, “a woman asked him to move his feet. When he didn’t, she sat on him.” Based on the footage we have of the incident, we can’t assume this was a pleasant interaction…




According to the TTC website, there IS a rule against putting your feet on the seat. It also comes with a $200 fine that literally no one knew about…until now. Rule 3.19 says:


“No person shall:

(a) place his or her foot or feet on a vehicle seat or lay thereon any object or substance that may soil it”




So what do you think?

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