When you take a listen to NEW CITY’s single, ‘Dirty Secrets’ you may find yourself a little, umm, hot and bothered and that is by design according to lead vocalist Adrian Mitchell, “It’s just a promiscuous, sexy song.”

Couldn’t agree more.




Mitchell says that Trey Songz, Omarion and Justin Timberlake heavily influenced the track which makes sense considering Trey has songs like, ‘Say Ahh’ and ‘2 Reasons’…




Omarion has ‘Icebox’ and ‘Post To Be’…




And Justin Timberlake of course has ‘Sexyback’.



It’s easy to see how ‘Dirty Secrets’ would be influenced by those artists.

This Toronto trio love to have fun and hope when you listen to their music that you’re having a good time.

You can also check out their debut single, ‘Coachella’ and learn more about why they are this month’s ‘One to Watch’ HERE.


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