As it continues to snow outside, why not cuddle up inside with a new episode of The Roz And Mocha Show podcast!

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On Episode 17: Is Financial Infidelity worse than actual infidelity?

Looking back at this years Superbowl there is really only one thing that stands out the most. The Selfie Kid! Who became internet famous when he took a selfie during the halftime show with Justin Timberlake! His name is Ryan Mckenna and he joined Roz & Mocha for an exclusive chat!

How long do you keep your bed sheets on before you’d consider them ‘gross’? 10 days? 20 days? 45 days? Roz & Mocha will pull back the covers on some shocking results of a new survey.

Many office retreats have the Trust Fall on the itinerary, where you learn to trust someone by falling backwards into their arms. Will Damnit Maurie trust mocha as he falls into his arms?

The Queen celebrates 66 years on the throne, so naturally we’ll give her a call! Plus, how you hold hands says SO MUCH about you. And if that’s not enough, we’ll also play a round of the Roz & Mocha original game “5 In 7”!


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