For the Oscars, Mocha and Damnit Maurie placed some awesome bets on the 4 main categories…Best Picture, Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor & Supporting Actress!

They bet 4 “spa” treatments, where we would see the winner getting their toe nails clipped, lower back hair waxed, black heads popped and their teeth brushed!

This morning, it was time to pay up!

For Best Picture Damnit Maurie won picking “The Shape Of Water”, which meant Mocha had to brush his teeth for him!



For Lead Actor, Maurie won again picking Gary Oldman for “The Darkest Hour”, so Mocha also had to wax his lower back hair.

For Lead Actress, Mocha won that one picking Frances McDormand’s amazing role in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, which meant Maurie had to clip his toe nails!!



Lastly, for Best Director, Maurie picked to Guillermo del Toro for “The Shape Of Water”. This meant Maurie got put his head back, while Mocha went hunting for some black heads on his nose.


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#RozAndMocha: Black Head Popping and Back Waxing Epic Oscar Bet Payoff!

Originally Aired: March 5, 2018


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