Well, tonight is a big night as NBC will air the This Is Us Season 2 finale that centers around ‘Kate’ (Chrissy Metz) and ‘Toby’s’ (Chris Sullivan) wedding.



Now, the promo video above will give viewers a bit of a shock as they see ‘Jack’ (played by Milo Ventimiglia) – Kate’s dad – appear at the wedding (in the present day) which wouldn’t make sense since (SPOILER ALERT) he is dead.

Don’t get any ideas says the show’s Executive Producer Isaac Aptaker, who told Variety, “We’re not playing any games [“b.s. where Jack has secretly survived], but I will say that seeing him was one of the most visceral punches that I think we ever had. It’s so powerful and poignant and haunting and tragic all at once.”

Fans can also expect to see drama within the ‘Randall’ (Sterling K. Brown) and ‘Beth’s’ (Susan Kelechi Watson) home as they struggle with bringing back in ‘Deja’ (played by Lyric Ross) back into their home (easily my favourite storyline of the series).

Aptaker gave viewers an overall feel of the season finale saying, “It’s about how a family can experience an incredibly, incredibly tragic loss and still fight through it and move forward and find happiness and joy…They can remember the man they lost and still live the lives he would have wanted them to live — lives that just aren’t about grieving him.”

This Is Us will air it’s season finale tonight at 9 on NBC.

Are you ready? I’m definitely not.




Check out the full story from Variety HERE.

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