Have you ever wanted to see the breathtaking sights, mountains, clear blue lakes and scenic coastlines of our country?


Now is the time to explore the beauty of Canada!


VIA Rail is offering up the Canrailpass, which is the cheaper alternative to flying and roadtrips to travel our country coast-to-coast.




The Canrailpass that gives you the best value includes a total of 7 one-way trips between any two destinations in Canada along the VIA network within a 60-day period. It costs $761 in total, which in effect comes out to just $108 per trip!


You heard right… $108 per trip!!


Instagram – @ViaRailCanada


If you need to upgrade to include more trips there is options to do so with an unlimited Canrailpass instead, but you will have to pay a little extra.


Whose excited to see Canada on a budget?!


We are!


More details at ViaRail.ca.





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