There is nothing I love more than dogs and Britney Spears.

Cause how cute??


And like, how fabulous is Britney? ICONIC.



Well, this adorable puppy named Riley is going viral because he’s the cutest little pup in the world, and he can sing Britney Spears’ iconic song Toxic!


Yes, this classic. UGH, SO GOOD.

Well, I’m not gonna lie, Riley’s version is JUST AS GOOD if not better and we are so here for it.

I’m just so impressed. Britney Spears has some competition. Riley’s owner, Matt says, “at first I thought he was just howling at the storm that was rolling through, but when I re-watched the video, I noticed that the sound he was making was oddly familiar. actually said out loud, ‘Oh my God, Riley, were you just singing ‘Toxic’?”

Matt, your dog has amazing taste in music. I think it’s time for him to sing Baby One More Time, or how about Oops, I Did it Again? I’d be here for some more Britney Spears covers.

Riley, you’re a star and I hope you got all the treats in the world after that ’cause you deserve it!


WHAT A CUTIE!! Ahh my heart!

My viral lil baby

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