‘PINCHED’ is a Roz & Mocha original game and fan favourite! It’s trivia based where the winner of each question gets to put a wooden clothes peg anywhere on the loser’s body. The categories from this week’s show were, ‘Cheese Quiz’ and ‘Movies Are For Lovers’.


Questions from this week’s game include:


  • “If you’re feeling down you may be drawn to this cheese…”
  • “Cash, dollar bills, moolah…”
  • “How many people does a box of Kraft Dinner feed?”
  • “Usually the dinner right before a swingers party…”
  • “Slappah da base…”
  • “You’re wearing a 42 when you should be wearing a 44 regular…”
  • “This movie won 7 Oscars including, ‘Best Picture’ and ‘Best Actress’ for Gwyneth Paltrow…”
  • “You know that movie that everyone loves that I hate…”
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