For 8 years, Mocha has scared Damnit Maurie every single day in the hallways, offices and studio of KiSS 92.5!

We asked Mocha, what is it about scaring Maurie that he enjoys so much? He said,

“I know that no matter what, he’ll have the exact same reaction every single time…even if the scares are 10 minutes apart! Timing is everything too! I know every hiding spot in the office so that no matter what, he’ll never know where I am. It’s so much fun!” 

Of course poor Maurie is the victim of Mocha’s trickery and we wondered if he finds himself almost paranoid while at work, “how would you feel if you were in fear 24/7?”





The Roz & Mocha Show are proud to present Part 3 of their “Scared Straight” series. Enjoy!


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