Firstly, congratulations goes out to the 6 God himself, Drake who has had a MONSTER 2018.

He just scored his 12th Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 single of the year with the song, ‘MIA’ featuring Bad Bunny.



‘MIA’ just helped Drake surpass The Beatles for the most Top 10 singles in a single year; the Beatles achieved the feat of scoring 11 Top 10 hits in 1964, below is a list of their songs that year (via Billboard)


And, here is a look at The Beatles’ 11 Hot 100 top 10s in 1964:

Peak Pos., Title, Peak Date
No. 1 (seven weeks), “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” Feb. 1
No. 3, “Please Please Me,” March 14
No. 1 (two weeks), “She Loves You,” March 21
No. 1 (five weeks), “Can’t Buy Me Love,” April 4
No. 2, “Twist and Shout,” April 4
No. 2, “Do You Want to Know a Secret,” May 9
No. 1 (one week), “Love Me Do,” May 30
No. 10, “P.S. I Love You,” June 6
No. 1 (two weeks), “A Hard Day’s Night,” Aug. 1
No. 1 (three weeks), “I Feel Fine,” Dec. 26
No. 4, “She’s a Woman,” Dec. 26



Roz and Mocha however aren’t so sure that this record should hold up because a few of the songs on the list, aren’t Drake’s singles and are songs he is featured on (see those below)





Here’s a list of the Drake records that went top 10 this year:


  1. “God’s Plan”
  2. “Diplomatic Immunity”
  3. “Look Alive”



  1. “Walk It Talk It”
  2. “Nice For What”
  3. “Yes Indeed”
  4. “Nonstop”
  5. “I’m Upset”
  6. “Emotionless”
  7. “Don’t Matter To Me”
  8. “In My Feelings”



  1. “MIA”


Listen to the boys debate whether Drake’s record should stand and let us know what you think by tweeting us, @KiSS925!



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