Ooookay, this may be the cutest thing ever.

Travis Scott decided to surprise Kylie Jenner by covering her entire house with red roses and I’m crying.


She posted it all on Instagram, making us all jealous. Just take a look at this – her entire entryway and staircase is just filled with red roses!!

She wrote, “Hell of a way to end the night.” Referencing his song Hell of a Night. Well played.

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hell of a way to end the night ??

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Like damn, who knew Travis Scott was such a romantic! …But seriously, if this isn’t goals, I don’t know what is!

Her house looks like a legit garden! And those candles, such a nice touch. But I wonder what she’s going to do with all those roses? Leave them there? Gift them? Does she have to clean them up once they dry? I mean, she’s a Jenner so I’m sure she has someone to do that for her.

Regardless, he has outdone himself and I’ll just be here pretending like those roses were for me, it’s fine.


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