This isn’t another edition of Roz and Mocha’s ‘Fix My Life’ but it definitely is a case where someone reached out to Roz and Mocha and asked for their help and the guys happily obliged.

Valerie has had better days. She’s going through a separation right now. Valerie and her husband were together for 4.5 years, no kids. She wanted advice from Roz who used to be in a relationship prior to Katherine and now hears how happy he is with her and Roxy and wants to know how she can move on.

Roz and Mocha do their best to console an understandably emotional Valerie and even cheer her up at the end to let her know that she isn’t alone (oh and there may be a little Destiny’s Child) involved as well.




Take a listen to the advice Valerie received from the boys.


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