The Chainsmokers just released a brand new song with 5 Seconds of Summer!

It’s called “Who Do You Love”

They’ve been teasing it for a while. A few days ago the 5SOS boys posted a quick video clip on Twitter of them going through some sort of trippy landscape when they come across a wild Alexa, and tell her to follow The Chainsmokers on Amazon Music.

The Chainsmokers then posted a video of the two of them in studio complaining about a lack of inspiration. Then Drew asks Alex who he’s been listening to lately, and says 5 Seconds of Summer is a vibe right now. (He’s not wrong). So they follow 5SOS on Amazon Music too!

The single is out now and I think it’s definitely the vibe the Chainsmokers were hoping for! Time to go listen to it on repeat.



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