And finally, we get some truth behind Halsey and YUNGBLUD’s mysterious relationship.  Halsey and YUNGBLUD have been the talk of social media for some time now, taking photos together, cuddling and holding hands with each other so the question is, what’s going on? Are they just good musical friends or is there more to the story?


Both Halsey and YUNGBLUD were recently on 97.1 AMP Radio to talk about their new collaboration called ’11 Minutes’ and to also address those dating rumours.  Story goes – after meeting at a bar for the first time, Halsey later slid into YUNGBLUD’s DMs, sent a black heart emoji along with her personal number.  In the interview, YUNGBLUD recalls, “She sent me her number on an Instagram DM.  That’s it!  I was like, that’s so cool.  I was just in the studio with my mates and I was like, ‘Halsey just gave me her number and a black heart.'”  Halsey added, “I’m 24, he’s 21, I’m a cougar, I get it.”


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Following that DM, Halsey remembers, “I was sitting at home and I really wanted to have a real conversation with someone.  I just got into an Uber by myself, went downtown, and we just met up … total stranger, I’ve never met him before.  It was cool for me because it reminded me of when I was back in New York and making music, and I would do that; I would just link with other artists, and it felt really organic.”


On the making of ’11 Minutes:’ “We’re really similar artists.  I discovered him really organically and I was totally blown away because I started everything in my career very organically – building a cult fan-base, creating a secret language, playing shows nonstop, touring my butt off for five years and really creating an environment that felt like a community.”



Luckily for us, we might hear more from Halsey and YUNG – during their interview, they hinted at more collaborations and they might make appearance on both of their upcoming albums.  In addition, YUNGBLUD and Halsey dropped a music video for their collaboration called ’11 Minutes.’  The video was directed by Colin Tilley and as Billboard calls it, “The video is kind of Groundhog Day redux.”  In a press statement, YUNG says, “We don’t realize how much we need something until it’s taken away from us.  We are so distracted and focused on what’s next, we can fail to see what is actually in front of us.”


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