It looks like there’s a really good chance Demi Lovato is making a comeback AND she just might drop new music sooner than you think because she shared on Instagram that she just signed a new contract with the manager of all managers – Scooter Braun!




Demi writes on Instagram, GUYS!!!!!!! Dreams came true today for me. I officially have a NEW MANAGER!!! And not just any new manager but the one and only @scooterbraun!!!! Couldn’t be happier, inspired and excited to begin this next chapter with you Scooter!!! Thank you for believing in me and for being apart of this new journey. Let’s DO THIS!!!!!!”



And in case you were thinking, “Why does Scooter Braun sound familiar?”  That’s because he manages some of today’s biggest pop acts – Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lil Dicky, to name a few.  Since leaving rehab, it looks as though Demi is happy, healthy and living her life.  Just the other day, she posted this photo (below) on the gram from the time she visited Bora Bore, “Just left what’s possibly my favorite place on Earth with my best friends. Bora Bora is literal heaven on Earth.. I may be posting a lot of pics in the next few days.. I’m sorry in advance.”



Demi, you need to make a comeback … like NOW!!

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