It’s no surprise that the ‘Beyhive’ came out in DROVES to watch their Queen’s Netflix special as the numbers provided by Nielsen revealed.



In it’s first day alone, Homecoming reached 1.1 million viewers in the United States.

Nielsen broke down the numbers by demographics (U.S only) and over its first seven days, the audience for Homecoming was comprised of 70% women, which is higher than any other recent Netflix original programming, including Bird Box (57%), Orange is the New Black (66%) and House of Cards Season 6 (54%).

In terms of age, 27% of adults who watched were age 35-49, 43% adults 18-34 and 12% were kids 2-17 (two years old?!?!).



Beyonce’s Homecoming was a massive hit on social media. Here are a sample of the nearly 760,000 interactions it had over its first week across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…



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