The cast and crew of HBO’s Game of Thrones have been held silent by strict non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) as to not give away the plot of the show as it wrapped up the final season. No-one said a word, but Sophie Turner (who played Sansa Stark) may have accidentally given away the ending of the biggest show on television a year before it ended.







A year ago she got a tattoo on her forearm of the ‘Stark house wolf’ with the words, “The Pack Survives”.  Which ends up being true in the final episode; not one Stark sibling dies, including Jon Snow. Sansa became Queen of the North and Bran was the one who ended up on the Iron Throne.

Sophie says that at the time of the getting the tattoo it wasn’t supposed to be a spoiler, just a quote she liked from the show; but WOW, what a full circle moment!




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