Have you ever wondered how the Toronto Raptors became the Toronto Raptors?

It started back in 1994, the year before the team was set to debut. Fans in Toronto were asked to submit their suggestions on what to name the team, and these were the top ten picks.

  1. Beavers
  2. Bobcats
  3. Dragons
  4. Grizzlies
  5. Hogs
  6. Scorpions
  7. T-Rex
  8. Tarantulas 
  9. Terriers
  10. Raptors 

Can you imagine cheering for the Toronto Terriers!? 

Image result for terriers gif

In the end, “The Raptors” was chosen, likely due to the popularity of the movie Jurassic Park at the time.

Go Raps Go!



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