I’m not going to lie – this virtual video is pretty cool!


Ed Sheeran along with Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock dropped a super dope virtual video for their latest collaboration, Cross Me.  I promise you, this video isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen.  It’s jam-packed with every colour you could possibly think of, it’s 3-D filled with continuous animations AND Ed even has skittles flying out of his eyes.


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Can you guess who’s on the next one? x

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The VR-inspired video was directed by Ryan Staake and it also includes dancer Courtney Scarr.  The video begins with Courtney dancing around with a motion capture suit and throughout the video, Ed’s face and body are digitally transplanted onto hers (pretty cool, huh?).  While Ed dances around, Chance turns himself into a Mortal Kombat fighter



This is Ed’s second single off of his upcoming collaborations album, which will be available on July 12.


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#No6CollaborationsProject Out July 12

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It includes collaborations from  Khalid, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Ella Mai and many more.



ANNNNNND – Ed announced on his Instagram page that his next and third single off of his collaboration album will be with Khalid.



The song is called ‘Beautiful People’ and it’ll be out this Friday!


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