It looks like Cookie Monster took a break from Sesame Street and headed to Chicago’s Wrigley Field and lead Cubs fans in singing a true baseball classic, Take Me Out To the Ballgame!



During the seventh inning stretch, Cookie Monster had no problem telling the fans, “C is for cookies, but today is was for Cubbies.”  That same line was used on Instagram when captioning CM’s announcing duties live at the game.



With thousands of Chicago fans in attendance, Cookie Monster then lead everyone with Take Me Out To The Ballgame, followed with a special tribute for Harry Caray, a Cubs announcer legend.



But can we talk about how cute Cookie Monster is.



And here he is in action.





And while Cookie Monster was in Chicago, Wrigley Field wasn’t the only place he visited.  He also did some sightseeing and even visited the Art Institute of Chicago.



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