Cake App

Kingston police are warning parents of a new app called Cake.

Apparently, the app contains high levels of sexual content and has no minimum age requirements being enforced.

Police say to speak with your kids about the dangers of live-streaming with strangers and to ensure children under the age of 13 are not using the app.


Ontario Beer & Wine

Canada’s Competition Commissioner approves of the Ontario government’s plans to liberalize alcohol sales.

Matthew Boswell says he supports the government’s plan to make beer, wine and cider available in more stores across the province.
Boswell says it will lead to wider availability and better prices for customers.


Deep Water Dock

A deep-water dock could be on its way to the bottom of Queen Street, here in Kingston

The City is seriously exploring the idea, to attract mid-size cruise ships to the area

Mayor Bryan Patterson says that would have a positive impact on the local economy

However, there are concerns about the environmental impact

City Council will consider both factors, before making any decisions


Bat Apartment

Residents of a Kingston building are concerned after seeing bats in their hallway and units.

The issue has been ongoing at 37 Cassidy Street and they are unsure of how the bats are entering the building.

A 10-month old had to be taken to KGH for rabies shots after coming into contact with one of the animals.

The building’s property managers say they are working with a pest control company to eliminate the problem.