John Legend just did what we’ve all been doing at karaoke for years. He got a little tipsy and got on stage at Universal Studios to sing a very karaoke-sounding version of his 2013 hit, ‘All Of Me’.

The best part is, that the person that sold him out online… was his wife, Chrissy Teigen. She tweeted a video of him jumping on stage at Universal Studios Hollywood on the weekend after (maybe) a few too many glasses of wine.

She tweeted,

“John got wine drunk and sang a song at universal studios last night”

and later added,

“the whole joke was supposed to be that literally no one was watching or at the stage but then he got on stage and was like ITS ME JOHN LEGEND”

The best is when the camera pans over to Chrissy Teigen as she laughs through a heavy cringe…

John Legend Gets Drunk & Sings


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