To celebrate the release of her second studio album Romance, Camila Cabello stopped by The Tonight Show, to play a round of ‘Google Translate’ with Jimmy Fallon and perform her latest single ‘Living Proof’.

So, this is how the game is played – Jimmy takes the lyrics of a song, processes them through Google Translate, which turns into another language, and then changes back into English.  For example, Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ is translated to ‘Evil Young Boy.’


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when ur crush says he wants to watch Elf with you !!!!!!!!!!!!

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That’s not all – Camila also spoke about her relationship with Shaw Mendes and this is what she revealed, “We were awkward and nervous and weird, and now we’re older and nervous and weird.  It’s kind of weird in the beginning — it took me two months to be able to call him ‘baby!'” Watch the clip below.



Camila also played ‘Rapid-Fire Questions.’



Plus, check out this amazing, pink-floral performance of Living Proof.



Based on Camila’s Instagram, it looks like she’s retuning to The Tonight Show on Thursday to perform another new single, My Oh My.



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