Who’s in the Wiggle house?



It might be…Lil Nas X!




Lil Nas X Tweeted this pic of him (photoshopped) with Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony from The Wiggles, and hinted there’s a collaboration happening with a “Rodeo” Remix:



Um, what?

So, The Wiggles responded:



Are they sure they don’t know what’s going on?



To keep expectations in check, the pic Lil Nax X posted is of the older group, not the new group of Wiggles who include Anthony, Lachie, Simon, and Emma.

There have been previous teases like this that never happened.

Like when Dolly Parton was hinting an “Old Town Road” remix:



At last check, there’s no confirmation this is happening or not.

If it DOES happen, can we suggest also remix “Hot Potato” and “Fruit Salad”?


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