Sometimes figuring out where to live with your significant other can be a real struggle, especially if that move takes you away from your friends, family and loved ones; this was the case for Sarah who wrote in to Roz and Mocha to help her fix her life.


She said,

Roz and Mocha FML! Please please help!!

The love of my life lives out in Banff Alberta and I currently live in Hamilton.

The issue, besides the obvious, is his entire family and mine are here.

I have my own place I just recently bought and a solid job & business.

He works for the city out there and makes amazing money.

Part of me wants to pack up and move out there and try a new start but my parents can’t seem to support that idea.  I’m going in circles in my head. I feel like I’m torn between everything I’ve built for the last 23 years and the man of my dreams.


Not an easy decision right?


Well, turns out that Sarah didn’t really need Roz and Mocha’s help too much…



If you have a dilemma that you want Roz and Mocha to help you work through, let us know by texting us at 925-555 (don’t forget, standard messaging and data rates may apply) and make sure you write ‘FML’ or ‘Fix My Life’ in the message.

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