Breaking up is never easy to do, especially when there are kids and feelings involved. Lawrence reached out to Roz & Mocha because he’s going through a trial separation right now with his wife.

He wrote,


Dear Roz and Mocha


I am currently going through a trial separation with my wife of 3 years and am having a hard time deciding weather to fight to fix my marriage or just cut my losses try to move on..

I know in my heart that I love my wife and don’t want to be with anyone else but this separation feels one side to me like her way or no way…

Being a fan of the show I thought Roz could relate from some of the stuff he as mentioned about his Ex Wife so guess I’m just looking for some advice on how to get me through this crappy time…


Roz & Mocha did their best to help fix his life.

If you have a dilemma that you want Roz and Mocha to help you work through, let us know by texting us at 925-555 (don’t forget, standard messaging and data rates may apply) and make sure you write ‘FML’ or ‘Fix My Life’ in the message.

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