This is a tough one as many people are finding that they are having to postpone or outright cancel vacations, celebrations and in the case of Jasmine, weddings due to the novel Coronavirus.


She wrote Roz and Mocha,


Hey Roz and Mocha, please fix my life!

My wedding is supposed to be on June 21st 2020 and I’m so stressed out about COVID19. Should I be ahead of the game and reschedule? Should I wait it out? I have 650 guests and some are international folks. Helppppp.


What would you do in this situation?

Roz and Mocha did their best to help Jasmine fix her life.


If you have a dilemma that you want Roz and Mocha to help you work through, let us know by texting us at 925-555 (don’t forget, standard messaging and data rates may apply) and make sure you write ‘FML’ or ‘Fix My Life’ in the message.

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