Kingston – COVID-19

KFL&A Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, says the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases jumped from 17 last week to the current number of 47 due, in part, to several parties that took place in Kingston.

Moore says he hopes that will act as a reminder to people not to hold parties of any kind including outdoor get togethers.  Premier Doug Ford says it is a matter of life and death.

Today the Ontario government will release projections of how many people could die during the pandemic and the premier is warning the numbers may be very upsetting.


Queen’s University has announced a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Queen’s Community but gave no further details.

Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore, says it is a student who is in self-isolation at their home and got the virus when they were in contact with someone else who has tested positive.


Dr. Moore says Kingston now has 1,000 additional hospital beds available for use if there is a peak in the pandemic in this region.

Moore says hospitals in Kingston have expanded their capacity…the Leon’s Centre will be used if needed along with St. Lawrence College and Queen’s University.



School boards are preparing to roll out emergency remote learning plans.

The Limestone District School Board says teachers are reaching out to all families and students.  They will also ask about technology needs and other concerns.

Director of Education Debra Rantz says there are many details still being worked out.

Rantz is asking for patience as it prepares complex plans for learning outside classrooms.


Homeless Shelter to Open – Donations

The City and partner agencies will be opening the self-isolation centre for the homeless today at 670 MacLean Court – the former home of Fairfield Manor East.  The new shelter will operate like the In From the Cold shelter.

Some hotels and motels that are members of Kingston Accommodation Partners have donated supplies for the centre.  They have donated everything from soap to bedding for the facility.

The city has thanked them for the donations saying it recognizes the tourism industry is hurting as a result of COVID-19.


Layoffs – OPSEU Warning

You may soon be hearing the names of Ontario funded agencies in Kingston who have issued layoff notices to workers.  The agencies have received their funding from the government – but several have told staff they will be laid off if they haven’t been already.

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union says it will name them and shame them.

The Unions President is a Kingston native and Smokey Thomas says they’ll be put in the “bad boss hall of shame”.


Perry Pantry

An update for you on an awesome effort by the Perry family to help others in Frontenac County.

They’ve put a large stainless-steel fridge out on their front lawn of their farm property on Yarker Road for people to drop off food for others or pick up food that has been donated.  They also have a bin outside Food Less Travelled in Verona and that bin was nearly empty yesterday until two people donated 200 dollars for food to refill the bin.


Sign for Workers

A lot of people are saying thank you to essential workers in Kingston.

That included a sign being held up outside the Providence Care long-term care facility.

The sign thanking the workers at the home read…UR Heros.


(We will give them a break on the spelling mistake – the plural of hero is heroes – not heros.)